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  1. Antonio Brown is just the third player in with at least 60 touchdowns (Hines Ward, 85 and John Stallworth, 63).

  2. 8 sept.

    Laviska Shenault: Heisman favorite

  3. To put it really simple: If you don’t respect women’s basketball, you’re a joke.

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    I said it in 1992 and not much seems to have changed. By and large, the Congress is owned by big money interests and the largest corporations in America.

  6. Congratulations to on his victory. Tonight, Floridians joined Andrew in standing up and demanding real change and showed our nation what is possible when we stand together. Let's make history this November and make Andrew Gillum the next Governor of Florida.

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    Incredible. According to a new poll 70 percent of Americans now support Medicare for all—including 52 percent of Republicans! The momentum is with us.

  11. 23 ago.

    There is a national prison strike ongoing right now, I highly recommend reading their demands, donating time or money, and spreading the word

  12. The artist's mind sucks because no matter how long hours you are working & how much you're producing, the stupid artist mind will still finds ways to feel guilty, & feel like you aren't doing enough, painting the right thing, working on the right project & so on...

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    I thought I just heard say on Sportscenter that Denver is one of a few teams that have checked in on trading for Kawhi Help deny or verify if you can

  15. 1 jul.

    With respect to the Senator, strong, clear advocacy for working class Americans isn’t just for the Bronx. Sen. Sanders won: - Michigan - Minnesota - Kansas - Nebraska - Wisconsin - Indiana We then lost several of those states in the general. What’s the plan to prevent a repeat?GWQGZ Violet Gules Nuevo Solo Suave Cuero De Sesgar Simple Elegante Bolsa Hombro Borlas Señoras Spanning Ar6ZxqRA

  16. 28 jun.

    Counterpoint: You showed Trump's empty podium rather than an actual Bernie speech in 2016 and gave unlimited air time to Tom Arnold this weekend as a hero of the Russia probe. Shut up and cancel your entire channel, you pudding brained shit birds

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    OK, think of it in terms of money; Ocasio's victory calls into question the fundamental assumption that more money = more votes

  18. 27 jun.

    This is the start of a movement. Thank you all.

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